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Fear the Wolves - The Royal Battle in Chernobyl

Fear the Wolves

Fear the Wolves - the upcoming first-person shooter, in which players will have to fight not only with other players, but also with a hostile environment. You are waiting for abandoned industrial facilities, mutants, anomalies, the study will interfere with the constant threat of radiation.

Fear the Wolves is developed by the company Vostok Games, known in narrow circles for the beloved online shooter Survarium. The publisher of the game will be Kizi Games Interactive.

Fear the Wolves 2

You are waiting for the royal battle for 100 people in the infamous Chernobyl. But not real, but the place that is infected with the spirit of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. You know - Zone, bloodsuckers, snorkels, blind dogs - the rights belong to the founder of GSC Game World Sergey Grigorovich, and he does not particularly like to share.

Be that as it may, Fear the Wolves will be based on stalker mythology, which means that the main test for the Friv player will be survival in the local analogue of the Zone. Especially terrible are local predators - flocks of mutated wolves, which will pose a serious threat to those who could not find good equipment.

Among other features of the game are dynamic weather, day and night alternation, radiation anomalies and, most importantly, a constantly tapering safe zone surrounded by deadly radiation. Unlike other similar games, in Fear the Wolves the zone will narrow unevenly, but predictably for experienced survivors who will be able to determine the degree of radioactive danger of the terrain.

It is not known whether radiation contamination will accumulate in the body gradually, and most importantly, whether it can be removed with vodka and canned food.

Fear the Wolves - The Royal Battle in Chernobyl

Fear the Wolves will be released at Friv2 on the PC in 2018, and early access will begin in the summer. And a little later will get to the main consoles, which is favorably different from Survarium.

The following details about the game are waiting for E3 2018, but for now we are obviously enjoying the arts screenshots.


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