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Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft Story Mode

The company Mojang AB, which developed the game Minecraft, is known for its love for the release of additional game materials. She made many modifications, adding to the gameplay decor items, blocks, biomes, weapons and stuff. But in addition to materials directly related to the game process, T-shirts with a well-known logo, toys, and even a special bracelet came to the stores, allowing you to save the game process and carry it with you at all times so that you can download saves to any computer if necessary.

The original Minecraft games fell in love with people of different ages for their unlimited possibilities. For example, in a world where everything has a cubic form, a lot of game modes:

Creative: The player has an unlimited supply of items and resources that can be either added or deleted. In this mode, you can not perish at the hands of a monster or from hunger. The only way to die is to drop out of the map.

Survival: One name says it all. The player must survive in the world, extracting resources and fleeing monsters. There is a health scale that can fall from the damage dealt.

Adventure: This mode has much in common with the previous one, but only there are limitations. For example, to break a block, you need to have a special tool.

Observer: You can only look at the world through the eyes of other players, and you can not do anything.

Minecraft Story Mode 2

As for the add-ons, in December 2013 Minecraft: Story Mode was announced. It will be released on Android, iOS, consoles and PC platforms. This addition differs from the others in that it has the ability to pass quests created from known stories: The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

The company specifically for fans published on the official jogos de Minecraft website of the announcement quest, in which two characters are talking among themselves about the new mini-series. Anyone can play it. The developers promised to improve the gameplay for this add-on, but global changes should not be expected.

As in any story-based game, in Minecraft: Story Mode, the player's decisions will influence the further development of events. From them will hang the finale of the game. Due to the fact that many alternative endings are provided, the player will not get bored of passing a new addition time after time.


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